Dog versus Cats: The Eternal Struggle

Shot 2: My Master's Vengence

The pets’ masters go out for an evening, Bandit & Adeline stay home, with Bandit in charge he patrols the house after eating all his and Adeline’s food.

After finding people in Master’s room Bandit tells them to stop messing with Master’s stuff, to them it sounded like barking. One of them tried to calm him down and they both stopped to which Bandit sat on his rear haunches and wagged his tail since the guy said he was Master’s friend. When the other one came towards Bandit with a stick too big to play fetch with Bandit snarled and warned him to back off by taking a chunk out of his rear.

After ‘going blind’ and telling Adeline (from the unwounded robbers thinking by throwing a blanket over the dog’s head, Bandit took off in direction since he had gone blind and was pretty sure he wasn’t part Dalmatian. Adeline opted to attack the unwounded man since he was fumbling with the bat and looking at the confused ‘Blind’ dog. Jumping on his head and stratching his face followed up by jumping on his head and pulling out one of his eyes surprised both the cat and the man.

After getting out of the house Bandit barked at them since he realized once he got out from under the blanket he wasn’t blind but he was faced with his arch nemesis a closed door. The master and his mate eventually came home. Police were called, and Bandit explained what happened. A hand print was taken and there was a human eye for ‘evidence’. After being rattled and filling out the report though the couple was tired and the cops left. Bandit insisted on speaking to a K-9 Cop but they didn’t seem to want to listen. Maybe they were jealous.

The call of nature had Bandit letting the master know and putting him out with Adeline for the morning in the early hours. With Adeline letting Bandit know people were back at the house Bandit wondered what they wanted until a scuffle of some kind could be heard and loud doors slamming (gunshots). Barking at the back door Bandit let his master know he was still out back and things were happening and he was hearing weird noises. He heard the back door open and he charged the backdoor. Seeing it wasn’t master he dove at them to attack. With the door closed in his face Bandit clawed at the door, Adeline figured out how to open the door and Bandit bolted in. Finding his master dead was an eye opener same for Adeline with his mate.

Having the police show up got Bandit covering his master’s body until they put him out back. With Adeline quickly put outside afterwards Bandit made the executive decision One eye and Tasty Butt the two robbers needed to die. Moving down the alley Bandit found a squirrel that saw the two and would be able to help. But to get help they’d need to give some help.


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