Dog versus Cats: The Eternal Struggle

Final Shot: Animal House

The fight finishes up and the housepets find their query

With the fight finishing off once Tom was put down the rest turn and ran. After some creative thinking they got the door open and the vault to the nuts was opened. With the park food resupplied the two housepets were pointed in the direction of the humans they were looking for.

With Surly, a few other squirrels, Buddy, a pair of rabbits, and two robins the house pets had some assistance from the park. Most were unsure about this idea the dog had to make his master’s killers, ‘dead’. Scouting out the place Surly and most of the group made a slingshot mounted on a roof across the street to fire while Bandit and the bunnies lay in wait. After a few shots at the front door the idea of taking out a window came up getting three people coming out. the slingshot brigade took out of the three that came out with Bandit lunging at Tastybut. A snarling snap was all he got before out as Tasybut got out of the way and shot Bandit at point blank range dropping him to the ground. Adeline jumping down from across the street and made a beeline into the front yard to her stupid charge, Bandit.

Seeing the what looked like a dead Bandit jump up on all four and charge the guy again surprised the man and Adeline, Bandit never was very smart. Adeline jumped to the man’s head while he was distracted by bandit ripping out his eye causing him to pass out. Bandit stopped and went straight for his throat tearing it out.

Moving into the house first with the taste of blood on his lips Bandit let out a yelp as he took a shotgun blast that sent him flying off the porch and into the front yard. Adeline sat in shock as a wounded Bandit got back up a few second later, a tattered mess that looked more like meat than dog and hobbled back towards the front door. Seeing him heal up to normal before he moved back up to the door gave Adeline time to jump in through a broken window and sneak around the guy with the shotgun racing upstairs to where the other two are. The two bunnies ran into the house to which Bandit heard another blast and weak squeaks. Running in again got him blasted out of the house again and back to a state of meat on the lawn. Meanwhile Adeline had managed to sneak up the stairs and rip out another man’s eye and pushed him down the stairs while he was in pain. She saw the original one eye and stalked her prey.

Most would think him crazy for locking himself in a room, barricading a door, and brandishing a gun at the doorway. Granted he didn’t know who was attacking and he had one of his eyes ripped out by a cat… he wasn’t having the best of weeks. Hearing a pressure on his shoulder and head followed by a hiss before he went totally blind wasn’t what he was expecting. Adeline dodged getting shot by a shotgun and snuck up him later as he emptied rounds into Bandit’s body before she ripped his eye out. Sitting down next to what she considered a dead Bandit she was surprised when he flopped up and asked, ‘if they got ’em’. She let him know they had (Actually she had done all the work really) watched his mangled body heal up before he went into the house again and came back with two pieces of fluffy white covered meat.

Surly let the two know they had to move since the cops were coming and they could sort out the humans. Bandit brought back what he found of the two rabbits to the park to bury. They spent a bit of time among the park creatures with Surly telling stories of how he killed humans that had messed with his minions. Eventually Bandit and Adeline were offered a home by another elderly couple. There were warm places for naps and bacon at times… but that’s a different story.

End of campaign.


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