Dog versus Cats: The Eternal Struggle

Shot 3: Alleys and Cat Scratch Fever

A dog, a Cat, and a rat walk into an alleyway.

The request seemed simple to Bandit, get into the house with the nuts so that the park that was out of food since someone stole it from the park maintenance shed would have food for the coming winter. His feline companion and smarter half picked up on that Surly was kicked out of the park for managing to lose or letting the food supply get destroyed, it wasn’t clear but he had to find food if he wanted back into the park. The problem was his plan mostly involved a solution, everything else was up to the two house pets. Bandit didn’t see a problem since he thought Adeline was smart enough to open any door. The four of them looking at the house with nuts got Bandit asking if they didn’t have any bacon since that obviously was something animals in the park would want to eat. He explained they didn’t have bacon and Surly’s sidekick rat, Buddy. Opted to whisper he didn’t think he was very bright. Bandit leaned in as well thinking he meant the squirrel wasn’t very bright (he wasn’t aware the rate thought he was talking to Surly) either since he didn’t think they should get bacon.

With the humans and their dog leaving the house the group opted to try a side door entrance. A rather large cat and his friends stopped the group after they crossed the street sans Surly, who was going across by power line. What was requested was to be left alone to do what they needed to, what happened was a five on two fight with two cats peeing themselves one having a piece of his tail permanently bent by the rat biting into it and a squirrel flying by rope with a table knife to save the day only to slam head first into a brick wall which stopped combat for a few seconds as everyone winced.


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